Tendon Lacerations

If you are suffering from this type of injury, immediate medical attention is of the utmost importance.

A tendon injury occurs from a deep laceration, such as a cut from a knife, sharp tool, or broken glass. It also can occur from a crush injury, burn, tissue tear or deep abrasion. Workers using tools are most likely to lacerate the tendons of the hand. Finger dexterity is completely dependent on normal tendon function since the tendons link muscles controlling hand motion to the bones of the hand and forearm. When a tendon is injured, repair is essential for restoration of finger and hand function. The goal of tendon repair is to restore the integrity and continuity of the damaged tendon and thereby restore as much function as possible.

After surgery, Dr. Falcon will see you on a weekly basis to evaluate your finger and hand. You will also be referred to an occupational therapist to help restore functionality.