What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is also known as a brachioplasty. This plastic surgery procedure can reduce excess loose or sagging skin, remove excess fat, and tighten the tissues of the arms. Many patients in the Pittsburgh and Apollo area find drooping or loose tissue on the upper arms due to aging, weight fluctuation, and hereditary factors. The condition does not improve with exercise and can only be improved through brachioplasty.

Who is a Candidate for an Arm Lift?

The typical arm lift candidate has drooping or sagging tissue on the upper arms, which is commonly referred to as “bat wings.” They may have excess skin after weight loss or due to decreased collagen due to the aging process. While many choose the procedure after losing weight, it’s important to be at or near a healthy and stable weight before choosing an arm lift. You should be dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle to complement the results of your brachioplasty.

Candidates should also have realistic expectations of the procedure and understand that some visible scarring is very likely. During brachioplasty, an incision is made along the inside of the upper arm, which typically results in a scar that may be visible when you raise your arms.

During a consultation, Dr. Falcon will review your health history and examine your arms to determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

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What is Arm Lift Recovery Like?

An arm lift is an outpatient procedure, but you will need a trusted friend or family member to drive you home after your surgery. You can expect swelling following your brachioplasty, which can be reduced by wearing compression garments according to Dr. Falcon’s instructions. You may also have drains in place to reduce swelling and ensure proper healing. Some discomfort is expected, but can be managed with pain medication; Dr. Falcon will give you detailed instructions regarding any medications you should take after your surgery.

Most patients take about two weeks away from work or other routines to rest and recover following their brachioplasty. By this point, a majority of swelling, redness, and discomfort should be resolved. You should wait up to four to six weeks before returning to strenuous activity like your exercise routine, however. Dr. Falcon will evaluate your healing progress during post-op appointments and advise when you can safely return to various activities.

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