How are Hand Fractures Treated?

The hand is made up of many bones to support its structure, meaning that treating a fracture within the hand can be more complex than a fracture in another area.

Often, hand fractures must be treated by holding displaced bones in place with wires or pins. In many cases, these can be placed without maying an incision, a procedure known as closed reduction and internal fixation. In a closed reduction, Dr. Falcon will simply gently manipulate the bone fragments into the correct place. Following these steps, a splint, brace, or cast may be applied to keep these bone fragments aligned as they heal.

In other cases, surgery is required to realign the bone fragments properly. After making an incision, Dr. Falcon can place pins or wires as needed to align the bones into their correct position so they can heal properly. Following surgery, a cast is usually necessary to allow the bones to remain in place as you heal. To learn more about hand fracture treatment, visit Dr. Falcon at his Natrona Heights office, which is located 12 miles from Leechburg and 14 miles from Apollo.

Will I Need Surgery for a Hand Fracture?

Determining whether you will need surgery for a hand fracture will require an X-ray or other imaging test. However, certain types of fractures are more likely to require surgery than others. If bone fragments have punctured through the skin, for example, it is likely that surgery will be required. Similarly, surgery can be more likely for fractures on or near a joint in the wrist or fractures, as setting the bones properly must be done with more careful precision. Finally, bones that are severely crushed often require bone grafts or substitutes to rebuild the hand.

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Recovery After a Hand Fracture

After a hand fracture, you can expect to wear a cast for up to six weeks. This will keep the hand and wrist immobilized so that your bones can properly heal.

If you have surgery, you should keep your hand elevated above your head as much as possible for several days. If you have a cast, you should keep it dry at all times. Most patients are ready to return to all of their regular activities including exercise or sports about 6-8 weeks after fracturing their hand.

In some cases, additional surgeries may be required after your cast is taken off. Many patients will also require physical therapy to regain strength and normal range of motion in their hand following treatment. Dr. Falcon will advise any next steps you might require after your hand surgery.

Will Health Insurance Cover My Hand Fracture Treatment?

Health insurance generally covers the cost of hand fracture treatment, including surgery. Coverage will vary depending on your specific plan, so it is best to check with your health insurance provider. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.

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