How Can I Stop Excessive Sweating?

Botox injections are a great option to stop excessive sweating. Botox can be injected into areas such as the underarms, brow, feet, or hands to reduce sweating by about 75 percent. Once injected, Botox works to block the nerves that activate sweat glands, meaning that they will not produce sweat. In patients with hyperhidrosis, this stops overactive sweat glands from producing unnecessary sweating. To learn more about excessive sweating treatment, visit Dr. Falcon at our Natrona Heights or Monroeville offices.

Who is a Candidate for Botox for Sweating?

Most patients who suffer from excessive sweating are good candidates for Botox. The treatment is effective for up to 90% of patients. Before receiving Botox injections, Dr. Falcon will review your health history, including any medications you take or conditions you may have, to make sure that Botox is a safe and suitable option for you.

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Recovery After Botox for Sweating

Botox injections do not require any downtime, so you can immediately return to your normal routine after treatment. You may notice some redness or swelling at the injection site, but this should resolve quickly. It is usually recommended to avoid strenuous activity like exercising for about 24 hours after receiving injections to prevent bruising or bleeding. Results from Botox injections may not be noticeable for a few days after your treatment. Botox results are also not permanent, because the body naturally breaks down the product over time. On average, patients who receive Botox injections for excessive sweating will see results that last for about four to five months. After results begin to wear off, you can receive maintenance injections periodically.

Is Botox for Excessive Sweating Covered by Health Insurance?

Botox for excessive sweating is not considered medically necessary, so it is not generally covered by health insurance. To learn more about cost or financing options, you can contact our staff by calling our office, reaching out online, or reading more about financing on our website.

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To schedule a consultation for excessive sweating treatment with Botox, call Falcon Plastic Surgery at (724) 226-3900. You can also contact us online to set up your first appointment. Our Natrona Heights Office is located 10 miles from Leechburg and 15 miles from Fox Chapel.

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