What are Hand Cysts?

Hand cysts, or ganglion cysts, are lumps that can form on the hands or wrists, typically close to a joint or tendon. Usually, you will find ganglion cysts on the top or inside of the wrists, at the base of the fingers, or at the end joint of a finger. Hand cysts can change in size over time, and may disappear without any treatment. They may or may not be painful depending on size, placement, and other factors. To determine the best treatment options for your hand cysts, visit Dr. Falcon at his Natrona Heights or Monroeville office.

Can My Hand Cysts Be Removed?

Ganglion cysts on the hands can be removed. Some cysts will disappear without treatment, but those that persist or cause pain can be removed both surgically and non-surgically. Because the anatomy of the hands and wrists is complex, specialists in this type of surgery such as Dr. Falcon should perform the procedure. To remove the cyst, Dr. Falcon will make a small incision with a scalpel and surgically remove the entire cyst. In some cases, cysts can also be removed non-surgically through aspiration, or draining fluid without making an incision. This can relieve pain associated with a ganglion cyst, though it may grow back over time.

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Recovery After Hand Cyst Removal

Recovery after removing a hand cyst will vary depending on the techniques and type of anesthesia used. Regardless, it’s important to rest your hand as much as possible after the procedure, taking care to limit movement. This will minimize discomfort and prevent any irritation. Depending on the location of the removed cyst, Dr. Falcon may recommend hand exercises or stretches after your procedure.

Some localized pain is normal after the procedure, and you can use numbing or pain-relieving medications to stay comfortable. Usually, over-the-counter pain medication is sufficient. Swelling can also occur but can be relieved by applying ice to your hand or wrist.

Is Hand Cyst Removal Covered by Health Insurance?

Hand cyst removal is a medical procedure, so it is usually covered by health insurance. Before your procedure, you should contact your health insurance provider to better understand what is covered. If you have any other questions, you can contact our office. Our staff will be happy to help you better understand insurance coverage and financing options.

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