When Should Moles Be Removed?

A majority of moles are benign, meaning that they do not pose any sort of health risk. If you do notice that a mole changes in color, size, or shape, however, this is a sign that it could be cancerous, so you should see a doctor to have it checked out.

Otherwise, you can choose to have benign moles removed for cosmetic reasons. Many patients are simply unhappy with the appearance of a mole, especially if it is on a prominent or noticeable area like their face. In other cases, moles may be especially raised or in a sensitive area, causing them to become irritated or frequently catch on clothing or jewelry. Having a mole removed is a personal choice and always an option if you want to get rid of it. To learn more about mole removal, visit Dr. Falcon at our Natrona Heights office, which is located 9 miles from Leechburg and 17 miles from Aspinwall.

Healing After Mole Removal

To remove a mole, Dr. Falcon will either use a surgical excision or surgical shave technique to physically cut the mole away from the surrounding skin. This is done after the skin is numbed using a local anesthetic. You should not need sutures following mole removal, as the incision will be quite small. After mole removal, you can immediately return to your normal routine. Dr. Falcon can give you specific instructions on caring for the incision site to prevent infection or unnecessary scarring. Generally speaking, the wound should be healed within about two weeks.

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Is Mole Removal Covered by Health Insurance?

Cosmetic mole removal is generally not covered by health insurance, because it is not medically necessary. If the mole has to be removed for a biopsy because it is suspected to be skin cancer, this will likely be covered by health insurance. If you have any questions about financing, you can call our office or contact us online for more information.

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