What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

Breast augmentation can help to increase the fullness and projection of your breasts, help to improve the balance of your figure, and enhance your self-confidence. Breast implants may also be used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy or injury. A breast lift may be required in conjunction with breast augmentation to correct drooping or sagging breasts. To find out which treatment option is best for you, visit board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Falcon at our Natrona Heights office, which is located 20 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and 15 miles from Fox Chapel.

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Breast Implant Options

Breast implant options cater to diverse preferences and needs– scar tissue may vary depending on the placement of breast implants as well as type:

  • Silicone implants: Silicone breast implants offer a natural feel and are popular for their realistic appearance, available in various shapes and textures.
  • Saline implants: These breast implants provide flexibility in size adjustments to breast tissue post-surgery and are filled with a sterile saline solution.
  • Gummy bear implants: Being cohesive silicone gel implants, this breast augmentation procedure can maintain shape even if the shell ruptures, offering durability and shape retention.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Candidates for breast augmentation are typically dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts due to a smaller size, lack of fullness, asymmetric appearance, or following breast cancer. The procedure may also be an option for those who have one or both breasts with developmental defects such as tuberous breasts. Some patients who are also concerned with sagging or drooping breasts may benefit from a combination of breast augmentation with a breast lift.

Breast Implant Age Restrictions

Candidates should be healthy overall, and it is best to be a non-smoker. Saline breast implants are typically FDA-approved for patients over 18 years old, while silicone gel implants are approved for those who are 21 or older. During a consultation, Dr. Falcon can review your goals and health history to recommend whether breast augmentation is your best option.

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What to Expect at a Breast Augmentation Consultation

During your breast augmentation consultation, be prepared to discuss:

  • Why do you want to have the breast augmentation done, any expectations, and your desired outcome
  • Previous medical treatments, medical conditions, and any drug allergies
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or drug use and current medications, herbal supplements, or vitamins you take

Your breasts will be examined, including detailed measurements of their size and shape and the quality of your skin. Photographs will be taken and the best course of treatment for you will be determined. Dr. Falcon will also discuss the likely outcome of breast augmentation surgery and any risks or potential complications.

The consultation is also a great time for you to ask any questions you may have concerning breast augmentation surgery.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation, you will need to have a trusted friend or family member drive you home and care for you. You may have drains in place and should wear a supportive surgical bra over any bandages or dressings. Swelling, redness, and discomfort are all normal after a breast augmentation, and you can take pain medication as prescribed by Dr. Falcon to stay comfortable. Most patients need at least 1-2 weeks after their surgery to rest and recover at home. Take care not to lift any heavy objects and avoid strenuous activity or exercise until about 4-6 weeks after your surgery. Dr. Falcon will monitor your healing during post-op appointments.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about breast augmentation, schedule your consultation with Dr. Falcon by calling (724) 226-3900 or contact us online. Falcon Plastic Surgery’s Monroeville Office is conveniently located 5 miles from Murraysville and 16 miles from Greensburg.

Our plastic surgery expertise extends far beyond breast augmentation surgery. Find more information about your surgical procedure of choice online. Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way when you undergo breast augmentation. Don’t wait for boosted confidence– seek it out with breast implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are breast implants under warranty?

Yes, standard warranty for breast implants is 10 years with free product replacement.

Can fat be transferred to breasts?

Yes. A fat transfer breast augmentation takes fat from another part of the body (removed via liposuction) and injects it into the breast to create a natural appearance.

Does getting breast implants make you gain weight?

It is common to gain 3-5 pounds temporarily after your breast augmentation. However, your implants will only weigh 1-2 pounds so the rest of that temporary weight is due to other post-surgery factors.

How painful is breast augmentation recovery?

The first few days will be the most painful but after one week, the pain should be manageable with over-the-counter pain medications. Moderate soreness may occur for about 2-3 weeks after your procedure.

Can you breast feed after breast augmentation

Most women who have had a breast augmentation will be able to breastfeed. Incisions around the areola may cause reductions in milk production so make sure to monitor the baby for proper weight gain.

Do breasts sag after breast augmentation?

Your breasts may sag slightly with the new weight of your implants or over time due to the natural aging process. Sagging can be prevented by wearing a bra with a good level of support.

How do I prepare for breast implants?

To prepare for your breast implants, you should stop smoking and avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drugs since they can increase bleeding. You may want to stock up on plenty of snacks and pain medication for after your surgery.

How do you shower after breast augmentation?

It is recommended that you wait 48 hours after breast augmentation to shower so that your incisions have time to close. Carefully wash yourself with a soft towel and try to keep your incisions out of the water spray. It may help to use or stool or have someone there to help you for the first few days after your surgery.

When will I see full results after my breast augmentation?

Full results can be seen about three months after your breast augmentation, as the implants will have had time to settle.

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