At Falcon Plastic Surgery, we prioritize patient education and empowerment when it comes to making decisions about their healthcare. MOHS surgery, while highly effective for certain cases of skin cancer, is not always the necessary or appropriate option for every patient.

What is MOHS?

MOHS surgery is a specialized technique primarily used to treat skin cancer. Unlike traditional excision methods, MOHS surgery involves the removal of cancerous tissue layer by layer, followed by immediate microscopic examination of each layer. The surgeon repeats the process until no more cancer cells are found, meaning the tumor has been completely removed. The process is extensive and can take several hours. The process may often leave large defects as large areas of skin and tissue are removed. Dr. Falcon is oftentimes is requested for reconstructive surgery in order to repair the large deficits left from MOHS.

“The surgery center nurses were so nice. They answered all my questions and helped me prepare for the big day. They even called me the next day just to check in on me.”

-Natalie B

When do I need MOHS?

MOHS surgery is indicted for recurrent non-melanoma skin cancers on specific areas of the body. Most skin cancers can be removed effectively with small excisions that do not leave large defects.

Do Your Research

Doing your research is a crucial step before deciding on a surgery procedure.  Dr. Falcon encourages all patients to explore alternative options before committing to invasive surgeries that require reconstruction.

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MOHS surgery is a valuable tool in the treatment of recurrent skin cancers in specific areas. However, patients need to carefully consider whether MOHS surgery is the most appropriate option for you and we encourage you to seek a second opinion before committing to an unnecessary surgery.  

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your MOHS surgery options, please contact us.

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