Answering the Most Common Questions About Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular cosmetic surgery options for people looking to enhance their breasts. Of course, if you have opted to have this procedure, you might have several questions regarding what happens after the procedure is over and when you can get back to your regular routine. This is normal and totally understandable. For your peace of mind, it’s important to have all the answers to any questions you have in mind. Dr. Falcon is always available to answer any questions and ease any concerns you may have prior to your breast augmentation.

When Can I Bathe or Shower Again?

You should avoid getting your incisions wet for 48 to 72 hours after your breast augmentation. They must remain dry to ensure that they properly heal. You should also avoid taking a bath for two weeks. However, you can give yourself a sponge bath as long as you avoid getting your incisions overly wet.

When Can I Return to Work?

Following breast augmentation surgery, you should wait at least one week before you return to work. Before your surgery, you should plan to take time off and arrange that time off with your employer. If you have the type of job where heavy lifting and moving around is a big part of your regular duties, you should take off two weeks.

When Can I Wear a Normal Bra?

A compression bra is needed after breast augmentation surgery to support your new breasts. You may be itching to return to wearing your usual bras, but it’s not advisable because they can hinder your healing and prevent your implants from settling into their proper position. Underwire bras are especially bad for that. You can wear a sports bra during the first two weeks. After your follow-up appointment, you should be able to resume wearing your favorite bras.

How Long Will it Take for My Implants to Settle?

Immediately after your surgery, your breasts may appear higher. This happens when your implants have yet to settle into their proper position. It can take up to a month for them to settle. While you might be anxious, it’s important to be patient and allow your body time to heal.

How Soon Can I Have Sex?

You can have sex after your breast augmentation procedure as soon as you’re comfortable enough to do so. It depends on your healing process, but in most cases, you should wait at least two weeks. You should also encourage your significant other to be gentle whenever handling your breasts.

When Can I Go Back to Exercising?

After your procedure, you’re encouraged to move around every few hours to encourage healthy circulation. However, exercising is inadvisable very soon after your procedure. Wait at least four to six weeks before resuming exercise. Keep in mind that you should stick to low-impact exercise only while you continue to heal. If you’re used to performing higher-impact exercise, you should start off gradually with lower-impact activities. More strenuous exercise should be halted for at least 12 weeks.

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