Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Over the past decade, cosmetic surgery has boomed in popularity as more advanced technologies have surfaced– both men and women of all ages are now more open to the concept of plastic surgery and how it can help improve their lives. If you’re currently considering plastic surgery, then you want to ensure you use the following tips to choose the right plastic surgeon to fit your needs.

Look for Board Certification

One of the very first things you want to verify that any potential surgeon has is a board certification. This helps to ensure that your surgeon not only underwent the proper educational training but also passed a rigorous examination to showcase their skills. For example, Dr. Christopher Falcon at Falcon Plastic Surgery in Natrona Heights, PA is Board Certified in plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery.

The most popular certification for cosmetic surgeons is given by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or ABPS for short– this is the most credible certification that a cosmetic surgeon can obtain. However, you’ll likely find that many surgeons will have a plethora of certifications from different organizations that they’ve obtained over the years as they’ve developed their careers.

Past Experience

Another great way to help gauge whether a plastic surgeon is right for you is to check out their past work– experienced plastic surgeons will have a plethora of before and after photos showcasing the different surgeries that they do. Do yourself a favor and ask to see photos so that you can ensure that the results are what you’re looking to get from your surgery.

When discussing these past experiences, it can be helpful to determine what surgeries a potential surgeon is experienced in. In most cases, cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced in many different types of surgeries, however, in some cases, surgeons may stick to a particular specialty.

Personal Rapport

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential cosmetic surgeons, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Meeting your surgeon face to face will help to determine whether or not they develop a good personal rapport with you where you feel comfortable in their hands. A great, experienced plastic surgeon will be able to listen to your needs and discuss not only your goals but the entire process to help you reach them. Creating a good rapport is a sign of a great surgeon.

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery may be one of the best decisions you make in your lifetime. When it comes to finding a surgeon in Natrona Heights, PA look no further than Dr. Christopher Falcon at Falcon Plastic Surgery. With years of experience and a variety of certifications, patients know they can trust Dr. Falcon– schedule a consultation via the online contact form or call our office to get started.

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