Do I Need a Facelift? Here are 4 Signs You Need a One

Facelifts are a popular way to redefine the facial structure and appearance. While the surgery does not change bone structure, it helps to tighten the skin to highlight natural contours. This provides a natural look for both men and women.

Who Qualifies For A Facelift?

Depending on the individual, facelifts can drastically change appearance and boost self-esteem by more accurately reflecting the youthfulness experienced within. Although facelifts can be performed for most people, some medical conditions that can cause excess bleeding may make the procedure not safe for certain people.

Those who benefit the most from facelifts are those who want to get rid of excess skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles or folds in the lower face. This can be caused by sudden or extreme weight loss as well as the natural aging process. This type of procedure reshapes the lower half of the face and can get rid also address double chins and neck sagging when combined with a neck lift.

Four Signs You May Need A Facelift

Creams, oils, and facials can only do so much

For those who have excess skin, non-surgical options will not help reshape the jaw line. This is because extra skin cannot be removed without surgical treatment. While prescription creams can potentially reduce wrinkles or sun damage, these cannot achieve the same degree of tightening as a facelift.

Loose skin sags

Excess skin in the face often hangs along the lower jaw. Jowls are frequently seen as we age, but can also be a factor of sudden weight loss. A facelift tightens the jawline which will reduce or remove skin pouches. Loose skin will not go away with exercise or a healthy diet. Although body fat may decrease, the skin will still sag without a surgical procedure.

Deep lower face wrinkles

Lower face wrinkles are often difficult to reduce with anti-aging serums. Significant wrinkles that can occur around the lower portion of the face can create a frowning or drooping appearance. Lower face wrinkles occur due to the aging process, but can be found in people who are as young as thirty. Genetics can play a big role in the aging of skin.

Sudden loss in weight

Certain medical conditions such as thyroid disorders can cause a sudden and dramatic change in weight. Without the proper diagnosis and medication, it can be difficult to find a healthy weight. Once treated, however, many people stabilize, but with additional loose skin. For sagging facial skin that changes the jawline, facelifts can give a youthful and healthy appearance.

Is Convenience A Concern?

For those who are concerned about the downtime of cosmetic procedures or the need to travel out of state, there’s nothing to worry about. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Falcon has convenient office locations in Pittsburgh, PA.

Unlike other forms of surgery, facelifts do not require overnight stays in the hospital. Facelift patients can leave the same day as the procedure, and recovery can last as little as a week before you get back to your normal activities.

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