Preparing Well For a Smooth Tummy Tuck Experience

The tummy tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgery options for anyone unhappy with the appearance of their abdominal area. If you have lost a significant amount of weight but haven’t been able to tone your stomach to your liking, this is the procedure for you– get the most out of your tummy tuck by using these preparation tips.

Tips for Preparing 4 to 6 Months Before Surgery

If you find yourself seriously considering getting tummy tuck surgery, you’ll have to make changes four to six months ahead of time. If you smoke, it’s time to quit, and if you drink alcohol, cut down now to ensure your body is strong enough to fight potential infections and heal faster– it also benefits your overall health as well.

You can then start researching the procedure and find a facility and plastic surgeon. Make sure you find a doctor who’s board-certified and has experience performing tummy tuck surgery. Check their website for before and after photos of patients and read reviews the surgeon has received.

Tips for 4 Months Before Surgery

At least four months before you get a tummy tuck, you should be at your ideal weight. You don’t have to be hardcore in your exercise routine, but you should perform regular physical activities like walking, aerobics, riding a bicycle, or even lightweight training. This makes your body stronger and better prepared for your surgery.

Booking the right doctor three or four months in advance is wise. Ask questions and voice concerns so you can get the answers you need– it can help you choose the right plastic surgeon to perform your tummy tuck. Also, make sure you have the right goals and expectations for getting the procedure.

Tips for 3 Months Before Surgery

At the three-month mark, you should have your plastic surgeon chosen so you can schedule your tummy tuck. This means arranging to take time off from work, finding someone to care for your children and pets, and choosing a close friend or family member to help you during your recovery. You’ll also need someone to help you out at home by performing household tasks until you’re well enough to resume doing them.

Tips for 1 Month Before Surgery

When you’re one month out until tummy tuck surgery, you should have supplies on hand to keep you comfortable after the procedure. Stock up on appropriate food to freeze and prepare and get compression garments, gauze, extra pillows, and loose clothing. You’ll need to be as comfortable as possible after your surgery. If you don’t already have enough ice packs or over-the-counter pain medication, now is the time to buy more.

You’ll also need someone you trust to drive you to and from the facility when you have your surgery– this can be the same person who helps you at home immediately after your procedure. They should stay with you overnight until at least the day after your tummy tuck.

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