What To Expect After Thigh Lift Surgery

Staying happy with your appearance can be difficult for many reasons. The thighs are an area that many people feel self-conscious about because of stubborn fat or loose skin after weight loss. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the inner and outer thighs.

Patients can choose whether Dr. Christopher Falcon works on their inner thigh, outer thigh, or both during their procedure. Recovery time varies depending on age and other factors, but here is an outline of what most patients can expect after a thigh lift.

Immediately After Surgery

Thigh lift surgery removes the fat and tightens the skin of the thighs under general anesthesia. When a patient awakes after surgery, their legs will be wrapped in bandages and compression garments. Patients often feel drowsy for up to three hours after surgery because of the lingering effects of anesthesia so it is necessary you have someone prepared to drive you home. Someone should also be available to help you around the house with chores, meal preparation, and other tasks during the first few days.

First Two Weeks After Surgery

Soreness, bruising, and swelling is normal after a thigh lift procedure, especially when walking or moving around. You will be given prescription pain medication that may be needed for the first few days or the first week. Although you should limit your activities, it is important to walk short distances daily to keep the circulation moving and aid in recovery.

Compression garments should be worn at all times except showering during this initial recovery period. Dr. Falcon will recommend a schedule for changing the dressing around the surgery location and he will schedule a post-op appointment to check your recovery. Most patients can return to work or school within two weeks.

Two Months After Surgery

By the two months post-surgery mark, a patient should feel minimal discomfort and the swelling will have significantly improved. Exercise and more strenuous activity can start to be resumed with Dr. Falcon’s approval. Blood clots forming in the lower limbs remain an issue through the first two months so continue moving daily to keep the blood circulating in the lower limbs. Swelling will continue to reduce but around this time, you should start seeing the results of your surgery.

Six Months After Surgery

After six months of recovery, patients should be able to see the final results of their thigh lifts. Swelling will have completely reduced and the scars will begin to fade (although it can take several more months for the scars to completely heal). Caring for your body properly in the period after surgery will speed up your recovery and help maintain the results.

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