What You Should Know About Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation

Did you know that a possible side effect of a normal breast augmentation treatment is unpleasant chest muscular spasms? These spasms may also cause the implant to sit higher than it should for a short time.

Botox-assisted breast augmentation is a viable choice for women who are concerned about post-surgical pain or who need speedier results. Your plastic surgeon can prevent spasms in the pectoralis major muscles behind a the breasts by injecting Botox into these muscles. Reduced discomfort and quicker recovery are the results for individuals in this situation.

Procedure for Breast Augmentation Assisted by Botox

Botox is injected into the muscles of the pectoralis before inserting the breast implants so that these spasms can be limited and sometimes even prevented. Botox blocks the action of the nerve and prevents the pectoralis muscles from going into spasm. This is similar to how the injections work on a person’s face. Reducing the spasm could help the patient better manage their discomfort.

Having less or no muscular spasms also means that the implants can fall into their proper position considerably more quickly. Instead of waiting three to four months for the implants to fall, patients are seeing the results they desire in just six weeks. A woman’s typical range of motion is unaffected by Botox, and the muscle is not paralyzed entirely. You may expect the impact of the Botox to wear off approximately three months after surgery.

Factors to Consider Before Having Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation helped by Botox is considered an off-label use of Botox because the FDA has not approved the treatment yet. As with regular breast augmentation, Botox-assisted breast augmentation surgery has many of the same risks including the following.
-Pain in the nipple or breast
-Swelling of the implanted tissue
-The implant deflating or rupturing
-Need for more invasive procedures

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