When is Breast Reduction Medically Necessary?

Despite breast augmentation being the most popular plastic surgery procedure, many women chose breast reduction. Reasons vary from one woman to the next. For some, it’s about their appearance and confidence. While for others, medical reasons might play a role. In these cases, your insurance provider may cover your procedure, so here are a few reasons that breast reduction might be considered medically necessary.

Chronic Pain

In this case, chronic pain means you have experienced the pain for up to a year or more. The pain might also be significant and intermittent, affecting your regular activities. If you’ve noticed a lot of pain in your back, neck, and shoulders (also because of bras and bra straps), a breast reduction may be medically beneficial.

Spinal Problems

Women with large breasts might experience painful kyphosis, which is a curvature of the spine. This can happen due to heavy breasts weighing on you over a long time. This can also lead to stiffness and back pain.

Difficulty Sleeping

If you’re a woman with large breasts, you might have experienced sleep problems. Finding a comfortable position to sleep without a special pillow can be difficult. If this affects your sleep, it will also interfere with your general health in the long run.

Difficulty Exercising

Exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Do you have an underlying health issue that exercise can solve? Having breasts that are too large can stand in your way of doing various workouts. Once you get a breast reduction and you’ve fully recovered, you’ll find it easier to work out pain-free.

Rashes and Skin Irritation

Have you noticed skin rashes and irritation under your breasts? This is one of the problems women with large breasts face. Maintaining good hygiene isn’t easy because of the skin-on-skin contact from day to day. If the rash goes on for long durations of time, you might experience skin breakdown.

Numbness in Upper Extremities(Paresthesia)

Large breasts are heavy. As a result of the weight, your limbs may tingle or experience numbness. This can drastically interfere with your day-to-day activities.

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