Face Procedures

Aug 17 2023

Rhinoplasty (sometimes called a nose job) has become very popular over the years. It works to improve the look of the nose and, in…

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Jun 23 2023

Whether caused by trauma, large earrings, or congenital conditions, a split earlobe can be due to a variety of issues, and it can lead…

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Jan 19 2023

Since many famous people have spoken publicly about having plastic surgery to achieve their current appearance, this field of medicine has shed much of…

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Mar 18 2022

Tear troughs are deep depressions that gradually become more pronounced under the eye as people get older. These usually occur due to losing bone…

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Aug 09 2021

Facelifts are a popular way to redefine the facial structure and appearance. While the surgery does not change bone structure, it helps to tighten…

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